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> and finally - i never understood that US preoccupation with accents ..
I've heard a lot of British people concerned with accents - either that the
regional accent depicted is wrong (and more like another accent 100 miles
away), or an American is playing a British role with an American accent.

Accents don't usually bother me one way or another, as long as I can
understand them.

  > i am pretty sure US theaters generally do not play shakespear in
elisabethan english and
> accent

It is done occasionally. Not commonly.

> Do we know what those accents were even? And could modern audiences
follow them.

There are lots of vids on YouTube explaining what the accent sounded like,
and how we know. Here's one:


I would guess it's a little more like modern American speech than like
modern British speech, though not identical to either.  I have no idea how
it compares to the Australian.


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