[LMB] Utopias OT:

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Sun Jul 25 07:07:12 BST 2021

On 24/07/2021 21:15, Damien Sullivan wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 24, 2021 at 12:09:07PM -0400, Elizabeth Holden wrote:
>> I have noticed that authors and philosophers don't have much of a problem
>> depicting dystopias, but have a terrible time imagining utopias - that is,
> It's not that hard to imagine something utopia-ish.  The bigger problem
> is setting stories in it.  Tolkien said something like this, that what
> was pleasant to experience was dully to describe, while stories are a
> bunch of bad things happening to other people.  The Culture stories are
> mostly set outside the Culture, ditto Star Trek.
That also connects to Tolstoy's quote "Happy families are all alike; 
every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

Suppose you found a way to describe an Utopia that everybody could agree 
on. Where do you go from there? Any change you can describe would be for 
the worse. Every story about the perfect utopia would be describing the 
same place. The same way there are very few stories about happy families 
- they are all about either families that were once happy, or about 
families that will be happy, or some that are eternally unhappy, very 
few about one that is happy all the time.

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