[LMB] Five Gods Afterlives, a bit of 5GU theology

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"And when he gets to Heaven
To St. Peter, he will tell:
'I'm one Marine, reporting in---
I've served my time in hell.'"

--Anonymous bit of verse from WWII

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> > There's been several posts about the nature of eternal life, and how
> > boring it will/would be.
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> Do you think that the average 5GU peasant is ready for some boredom?
> The greek Elysian Fields - but nothing happens!
> And that was the true dream of heaven for endless peasants, and for some
> patronoi as well.
> Nothing hurts.
> Every day is pleasant weather.
> The storm or frost is not killing your crop.
> Actually, you don't have to plant or harvest.
> There is enough food. Every day.
> No days have that tight knot in your belly.
> No enemy is attacking you.
> No overlord is beating you.
> There aren't even any taxes/tributes.
> Be at peace.
> What is this boredom that you speak of?
> I'm reading some period mysteries set in New  York 1920s, and I bet an
> awful lot of "the poor" would hope that heaven is just like the
> Elysian Fields.
> They put in their time in this place we call Earth - they're ready for some
> peace and quiet, too.
> Even modern folks, stuck in the rat race, say "I'll sleep when I'm dead."
> Boredom isn't necessarily something to dread.
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