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H. Torrance Griffin htgriffin at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 12:48:36 BST 2021

I am reminded of a recent complaint about the Spanish dub for the current 'The Owl House' series.  The original VA for the lead character Luz manages a convincing (native) Dominican accent when slipping into Spanish, but whoever is doing the dub is Argentinian and people say that it is very obvious.  
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I've heard that one problem with Narcos is that the Spanish spoken is not
generally *Colombian* Spanish.  Accents vary in Latin America as they do in
the English-speaking world, and none of the "Colombians" in the show sound
very Colombian.

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> > and finally - i never understood that US preoccupation with accents .. i
> am pretty sure US theaters generally do not play shakespear in elisabethan
> english and accent ..
> A classic example is the movie Spartacus, with all of the slaves having
> American accents, and all of the Romans with British accents.
> Another example is not as obvious to Americans, but is with all of the
> accents of the characters in Game of Thrones.
> Gwynne: I don't mind all that much which accents they have, so long as it
> makes
> sense; if certain people are meant to be the same family, or from the same
> place,
> they should all have the same accent. I've seen a few Shax productions or
> movies
> about historical figures like Henry VIII, and so on, where most of the
> cast are
> British and there'll be the big imported American star, who has a totally
> different
>  accent to the rest of the cast. It's jarring. If they all had the same US
> accent it
> wouldn't be such a problem.


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