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Then their was the slave trade which made huge fortunes. In fact sex trafficking is still generating fortunes.

Work, as such, is not necessarily noble. Work that is generally doesn't pay very well.
Human trafficking, including sex trafficking, or the drug trade doesn't pay that well at the lowest levels. You need to get above middle management to get rich. The old saw, "Crime does not pay." Is only true for the low levels of crime. The average burglar could likely make more doing something else.

Medicine generally pays fairly well. Yes a plastic surgeon is paid more than a GP but even nurses (who, in my opinion are paid far less that they are worth) can make a decent living. Is medicine not a noble profession?

People like to criticize pharmaceutical companies on large they are and how much they make. How much is too much and what gives anyone the right to decide? A mom&pop operation couldn't have developed the COVID vaccines (yes I understand that two of the three most prominent are technically not a vaccines) in such a short time frame. (Ending this line of reasoning now as anything to do with COVID produces much more heat than light.)

At the top level, entertainers are extremely well paid, is that ignoble?

People should be paid what they are worth and that should be a decision between the worker and his/her boss (company or whatever).

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