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> Suppose you found a way to describe an Utopia that everybody could agree on. Where do you go from there? Any change you can describe would be for the worse. Every story about the perfect utopia would be describing the same place. The same way there are very few stories about happy families - they are all about either families that were once happy, or about families that will be happy, or some that are eternally unhappy, very few about one that is happy all the time.

Ah, but you could approach a utopia as an asymptotic limit. Besides there will be suffering in
even the most perfect society. People faced with maturation, mental and spiritual growth, finding
ones place in society (coming of age), find friends and life partners should provide much fodder 
for writers. Just think of all the treatment of mental and psychological disorders stories alone that
could be written in a society where being well adjusted is a not a sign of serious moral and ethical

On difference between the police in our time and the Daughter’s Order is that the Daughter’s Order
took rape seriously.

As the historical Buddha said, “Hatred does not stop by hatred at any time; hatred stops only by love."

about 2700 BP 

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