[LMB] Birthdayyyyy!!!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 17:05:01 BST 2021

Today we celebrate the birthday of Keith Wells.

Keith, many happy returns and have a wonderful day!

And to help you celebrate, you will be spending the day with
one of the most interesting families in the Vorkosiverse... yes,
the ghem Estif Arqua clan on Jackson's Whole will be your
hosts for the day!

Rish and By will take you on a tour of the more interesting Houses;
the Bharaputra labs are fascinating, and if you fancy a few little nips
and tucks, that's the time to go for it. You can also choose a pet if
you see anything you'd like: a small sphinx?  A flying unicorn? A
pint-sized tyrannosaurus? It can be yours, just ask.

Then you'll have lunch with the family, and hear some of the more
hair-raising stories about the time they lost, then won back, their
House. And their time on Barrayar. (Ignore anything the Baroness
says about Tej's marriage, she's still a little ... er... biased about it.)

Settle back after lunch for a special performance by the Jewels. They
truly are the most amazing, and talented, troupe of dancers. Few
people really get to appreciate what they can do.

After that you can have a nice long chat with the Baron - his stories
about the defence of Komarr, and defeat by Admiral Vorkosigan, are
not often told, and you'll enjoy them immensely (as will By, who'll
probably be trying to record them in the background.)

Then a final banquet, with a Jacksonian Birthday Cake (it lights its
own candles.) And you get to leave Jackson's Whole in one piece,
safely, with your pet tyrannosaurus.

Have a wonderful birthday, Keith!

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