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Margaret Dean margdean56 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 26 17:54:32 BST 2021

Because I'm a birder and notice these things, the following from Chapter 5
of The Assassins of Thasalon caught my eye:

"If the terrified demon within her had owned a heart, Pen thought it would
have been beating like a hummingbird's wings."

I find this interesting because in our world, hummingbirds (of which there
are over 300 species) are confined to the Western Hemisphere, i.e. the
Americas and the Caribbean. Yet in the 5GU, Penric knows enough about them
to use this simile, whether or not he's actually ever seen one. That
wouldn't be possible for a 14th (?) Century European in our world.

Another similar anomaly is the blue jay used as the Daughter's animal at a
funeral in one of the books. There are various species of jay in our
world's Eurasia, but they're mostly brown; it's in the Americas that you
find jay species that are blue.

--Margaret Dean
  <margdean56 at gmail.com>

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