[LMB] Five Gods Afterlives, a bit of 5GU theology

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 26 19:26:33 BST 2021

From: Tony Zbaraschuk <tzbarasc at lasierra.edu>

Actually, farm life had long passages when nothing much was going on --
peasants could be fairly leisurely much of the year.  Do a few hours of
maintenance, manufacture, threshing, whatever -- it's just than during
harvest season everyone worked incredibly hard and fast because you _had_
to get the crop harvested before it spoiled or everyone would starve to
death.  But during the relatively long off-season, it was much less
hectic... you just had to have people around for the harvest.

Gwynne: It varies a lot from place to place, but farm work can be pretty
constant; there's repairs and other work to do in the 'down' times, and
if you have stock as well as crops, it's constant; animals are amazingly
creative in finding ways to damage themselves. Cows have to be milked
every day, eggs collected, vegetable gardens tended, etc - as well as the
crop work. And shearing. Lambing. Docking.

(Leisurely??? I remember a bad spring when we ended up hand-rearing
THIRTY-TWO baby lambs. 32. I remember it well. They had to be
bottle-fed several times a day. Using long-neck beer bottles with teats that
didn't fit, so you had to hold it onto the bottle while the lamb tore at it,
but each lamb was only to get half a bottle. We didn't just put half a bottle
in each one, oh no, you had to feed half to the lamb, rip the bottle away
without losing the damn teat, then keep an eye on the one you'd fed so
you could grab it and put it in the other pen - and if you grabbed the
wrong one, one lamb went hungry and another got fed twice. And they
were ALL hungry. And it took ages to feed THIRTY-TWO of them, and then
wash all the bottles and teats and clear up, and then... it was time to
do it all again!!!!! LEISURELY????... ok, sorry, that was imprinted in my
psyche. I didn't see the leisurely part of farm work.)

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