[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon: Chapter 7

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The Assassins of Thasalon: Chapter 7

Pen of course gets it all sorted while everyone else has a rest. It
takes a bit of explaining, but he manages to convince the Duke that
it's not a good idea to get in the way of a god. Especially that one.
Then he went back to the chapterhouse and updated them all, then
finally home.

Nikys had held back the dinner until he came - that's incredibly
touching. Nikys and Idrene aren't happy about him going, but
they know it has to be done. Dammit.

Pen explains that Iroki somehow channels the god more openly,
he's so in tune with the god, or himself, or has such a calm centre.

The plans are all a bit difficult; they'll probably get there before
Adelis, how will that affect him? They don't want to give away the
surprise of Adelis's arrival, but if they go to Tanar for help they
really need to tell her. But... it's all ifs and buts, and not knowing.

Penric speculates that the gods protect souls, and work to make
them better. Not bodies, so much. Unfortunately.

Leaving his study, and his work, is almost as much of a wrench as
leaving his family. Penric is working through Ruchia's book, making
metal plates for printing. He wonders if anyone will care if he
doesn't get back to finish it.

Actually.... I think that book is probably more important to his world
than who will rule Cedonia. One man or another, someone will run
the place, and it'll keep doing pretty much the same things. But
Penric's book will help knowledge explode across his world, it could
have a massive effect in the future.

In the end Nikys drags him off to bed, otherwise he'd dither in his
study all night, worrying over it all. He reminds Nikys that he's
organised his will, and who will receive his books...

This is sad, and scary.

Nikys packs for him - wife, sister, daughter, widow of soldiers, she
knows how to pack for a journey.

Rina and the cat drift around not-helping; Pen decides that two-
year-olds definitely belong to the Bastard, the chaos she creates
is as good as a prayer to Him. (It's lovely seeing Pen with a child,
another blessing he didn't think he'd have.)

No to taking the medical kit - doesn't fit his new identity. He
spends more time dithering over which books to take, to fit his
identity as a book dealer.

And yet another sacrifice; she cuts Pen's hair and dyes it darker.
Ohhhh that's terrible!  And Nikys keeps the hair she's cut off -
holding tight to what she can.  Rina and the cat also end up dyed
the same colour. She really is a force of nature, that child. Nikys
is lucky to have Idrene to help.

The goodbyes are heartrending. And the worry just keeps getting
"Take care," she whispered.
Saying, truthfully, My god goes with me did not seem at all reassuring....

Time for a quick prayer in the main temple - to the Bastard, of
course, although it's better not to actually pray to him. Just sort
of acknowledge him.

He also prays to the Mother, to protect his unborn child. They're
thinking of the name Llewyn (wasn't that the princess from
Martensbridge, she was very good to Pen.) And they are going
to rescue a child, so hopefully the Mother will help them too.
A bit.

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