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 It's believed that the Chinese wheelbarrow developed from carrying loads tied to a shaft that went across the shoulders (think horse saddlebags). It's very efficient, as the operator only has to push and direct the load; the central wheel carries the bulk of the weight.
 It works best on hard-packed surfaces; such as stone or gravel roads; dry packed earth is ideal. Roman roads would have been ideal. 
They probably had European  style front wheel barrows; considering the huge manpower involved in the various yellow river construction projects. I'm not sure what the historic record shows on that....
 It's said that a man could carry a years' worth of rice rations on a single wheelbarrow; making the supply problems for the various armies in Olde China much easier.  This I don't doubt.

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 which argues for independent discovery



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> I have been following this discussion, trying to catch up ... have seen 
> nobody referencing the fact that the Oriental wheelbarrow differs 
> profoundly from the Western one. One big wheel, with the load evenly 
> distributed on either side, so that the barrow's user does not carry any 
> of the weight but merely provides locomotion. See the picture at
> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-K-7m6fLO83I/Uf5pPL9ai3I/AAAAAAAAAWM/39-D-7uTD1I/s1600/Chinese_Wheelbarrow.PNG 
> I am sure the Greeks did not come up with such a "unicycle" wheelbarrow, 
> though, otherwise the version Westerners found in China would not have 
> been such a big surprise!
> -- 
> Ross, trying like heck to catch up with the discussion

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