[LMB] Birthdayyyyyy!!!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 17:22:27 BST 2021

The birthday Tixie rushes in - apologies for being a bit late, but.... stuff happens.

So. Today we send our best and brightest birthday wishes to Robert Eaton.

And as part of your birthday treats, you will be met at the Vorbarr Sultana
shuttle port by an ImpSec team, (Don't panic!  They're just a courtesy.) They
will take you to the Imperial Science Institute (which is located a safe distance
out of the city.) On the way you'll have time to chat with them; and they
certainly know some interesting (and hair-raising) stories.

Then at the science institute you'll be met by Senior Administrator Susan Allegre.
(Which explains the ImpSec escort.)  Dr Allegre will take you through the labs and
testing sections, showing you some of the newest and most exciting advances
(Please note, 'exciting' often means 'unexpectedly explosive', so just .... don't touch
anything. You'll be fine.)

You'll have lunch with Susan and some of the senior scientists, including Dr Vaughan
Weddell (you may know him under another name.) But his views on non-scientists,
Barrayar, most of the rest of the Nexus, other scientists, and basically the entire
human race, are enormously entertaining.

In the afternoon you'll have the chance to try out some of the latest successes;
a lightflyer with several interesting new additions; a groundcar that also does a
few things you don't expect; several amazing weapons; and of course you'll
set of a few lovely big explosions.

Then it's back to Vorbarr Sultana, to meet up with General Allegre, and you'll
go to dinner with the Allegres at one of the best restaurants in the city. Both of
them have some fascinating stories to tell, and you're one of the few people
who is a safe listener - so have a great time with them!

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Robert!

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