[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 8

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Pen collects Iroki (Learned Sioann calls him 'naturally peaceful'), and
Alixtra, his assassin/sorcerer/prisoner/apprentice/disciple/student.
She was too exhausted to do anything but rest last night, but Seuka
and Lencia took over and helped her with clothes from their charity
stores. (Apparently the girls heard that Penric brought Alixtra to the
Chapterhouse, and felt that it gave them a connection.) The girls are
keen to volunteer to travel with them, as assistants/chaperones.
Nope. The demon will be enough of a protection, nobody is after her
virtue. And Des is sort of another female travelling with them, too,
and she can provide any needed protection.

The sisters are obviously very fond of Pen, and know Nikys and the
household as well. Pen has certainly kept faith with them, and made
sure they're growing up safe and happy. (A good sign for Alixtra,

Alixtra and Iroki are dressed to look like Pen's servants. He apologises
to Iroki for that, but the saint has no problems with it (Is it possible
to offend him? I don't think he'd bother with that much mental effort.)

Alixtra isn't happy sitting beside either of them.

Pen catches a last glimpse of his street - that tugs the heartstrings.

And off they go - two sorcerers, two demons and a saint cooped up
together in a carriage.

Alixtra has no idea what's coming: basically it's Demon 101. First,
name the demon.  Arra - the name they were going to use for a
daughter. (She's not likely to have another child now, but with a
young son and a new demon she'll be busy.) Pen's going to give
the demon a real naming ceremony. Well, that'll make it official.

Alixtra has a few relatives back in the village, but she'd run into
debt and trouble before she realised, and couldn't go back.

Pen explains a bit about demons, and what the Order expects.
Iroki seems to regard the whole thing as being as good as a play,
happy to watch and listen.

Alixtra doesn't have a lot of self-confidence, something else Pen
will work on. (Basically you have to grow some confidence just to
cope with his enthusiasm.) He gives her Ruchia's book to read.
She's more impressed that Penric worked on the book than just
about anything else he's done so far. Des isn't so impressed She
doesn't want him learning any more languages and making any
more translations.

Pen is disturbed that there were only a few copies of the book,
it would be so easy for them all to be destroyed and the book
would be lost.

Iroki wants to read the book, too - again, he's not quite as simple
as he seems.

Pen starts to teach her some simple demon-magic. Her demon,
surrounded by the scariest of beings, has given up on terror.
She cuts twine, puts it back together. (And she finally realises that
Pen cut the rope she was climbing.)

They work through some of the basics, NONE of which Tronio
had taught her, not even simple things she should have known
to protect herself, like shedding chaos. She learns to kill flies -
better than killing people.

Tronio had told her that Penric couldn't have healed Adelis's eyes.
They decide that if it came from Tronio, it was a lie - that covers
just about everything he told her.

Alixtra is angry with herself for being so stupid; Pen points out that
they picked her because she was smart, to do the job. And because
they could control her. Yes, they picked her BECAUSE of Kittio.

Alixtra is getting REALLY motivated to take them down now.

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