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and with his books Penric becomes the potential starting point of 
exponential growth of knowledge about "how to train your demon" (whixh 
is how i thought o his book)



On 27.07.2021 23:08, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> Pen's comments about demons are interesting; all demons have the
> same power. And the same amount of power. The difference is in
> the cleverness and skill of the sorcerer, to use that power most
> effectively. (This is definitely a plus for Penric, who is totally into
> the idea of learning, studying, finding out things... Although he does
> get a bit distracted sometimes.)
> I also wonder if Penric is going to have another effect on his world,
> and on sorcerers, to come; up to now, most sorcerers were Temple-
> trained, and then they were awarded their demon. A few, like Dubro
> and Penric, did things the other way round. But they trained (at least
> for some of the time) with Temple divines.
> What they don't seem to have done is train with other sorcerers. In
> fact, we're told that demons don't get on (they don't seem to bond
> much, although mainly the ones we see are scared of Des, who isn't
> an ordinary demon.)  And they'd shed too much chaos (which can
> be controlled). Penric has been training Dubro for some time. And
> now he's training Alixtra. And their demons seem to settle down
> after a while, and get used to the idea.
> There's been a few books - rare and hard to get. Now Penric is
> printing plenty of copies of 'Demons for Dummies', etc, plus he's
> training fellow sorcerers. This is a massive difference to the way
> demons have been handled. And sorcerers, too.

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