[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon: Chapter 7

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raises of course a idfferent question .. 

if a half well trained demon can mend a piece of severed twine, might a very well trained and experienced demon like Desdemona be able to splice nerves after an accident .. it stil lwould take time for the nerve to heal and regain at least some function, but it does not seem to be entirely far fetched (think of healing the general's eyes, which should be of comparable complexity)

the main problme i see here is time it takes for the nerves to heal and regain (partial) function .. this might discourage the demon/sorcerer



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> Consider what would happen if Penric was threatened to the point of death. Desdemona has enough control to take out a whole squad the same way Dag did. A spurt of Chaos on the spinal chord would definitely settle them down, permanently.
> It might not even kill them, immediately.
> Gwynne: Yes, he does that nerve-touch to drop them, in agony, but they
> can recover. But when the Roknari slaver came at him in OoR, he cut the
> nerves in his arm. Permanently. I can see him (or Des) slicing spines in a
> serious crisis. That'd be fast, easy and effective - but the ramifications
> afterwards might be a bit awkward. Des would do it, but probably not Pen.
> Maybe just cutting nerves in arms? Or legs? Or there's blinding, but he
> might find that too close to Adelis's torment. And too close to the brain.
> Des threw a mountain when Pen was nearly killed; if he's in trouble she'd
> do almost anything. Fast and brutal. And if Penric was killed I wouldn't be
> surprised if she chose to kill the murderer, and end herself as well.
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