[LMB] Help from other gods

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 08:46:15 BST 2021

And interesting little example (Possibly. Probably.) of the gods
working together is when Penric steals (borrows... funds his
mission) from the donation boxes in various temples. In
Penric's Mission he goes to the Father's donation box and finds
ample funds there. Des is uneasy at stealing/borrowing from
the god of justice, but Pen points out that they're serving
justice. And there's no evidence of payback from the Father.
The money helps Pen get ready to go and heal Adelis, and
(in the long run) bring some justice for the way Adelis was treated.

Several times Penric harvests temple funds that way, when he's
in need, and not just the Bastard's donations. There's never a
problem, they all seem to be cheering him on.

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