[LMB] The Nature of Demons

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Has anyone noticed that “The Fivefold Way” must be a printed book? The code won’t work on anything else. Whether they used the Penric process or had moved to movable type in the two hundred years is unknown.
The Penric Process requires a fairly advanced sorcerer to write the text by hand as part of the process. Anyone can set type. I did at 12. Will having a method to create a large number of printed books slow down the easier method or will the increased market speed it up? By Cazaril’s time, new printed books are in circulation, and not just religious texts.

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> Gwynne: Maybe.... years later Penric moves to Ordol and becomes
> Learned Penric of Ordol. And writes a book on theology, 'The Five-fold
> Pathway of the Soul'. Penric of Ordol’s book.... becomes Ordol's.....

Blessed Chio could write a better thesis than Ordel, because she has
experience. The Lady of Spring as a vaguely nice lady is right off as
Cazaril will discover much later. Experiencing a 15 second eternity
would solve that idea.

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