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> > Gwynne: Maybe.... years later Penric moves to Ordol and becomes
> > Learned Penric of Ordol. And writes a book on theology, 'The Five-fold
> > Pathway of the Soul'. Penric of Ordol’s book.... becomes Ordol's.....
> Blessed Chio could write a better thesis than Ordel, because she has
> experience. The Lady of Spring as a vaguely nice lady is right off as
> Cazaril will discover much later. Experiencing a 15 second eternity
> would solve that idea.

"Vaguely nice lady" is Cazaril's idea (and misconception); I would not be
surprised if Ordol was saying more than Cazaril heard or understood at the
time.  (It's like T.S. Eliot -- I think it should be a crime to teach _The
Waste Land_ or _The Four Quartets_ to people under the age of thirty,
because there's so much in them that the young just don't or won't or can't

Though Chio has a point about the difference between theologians who know
what they're talking about, versus those who just blather on smoothly,
unaware of the oceanic depths beneath the ice they're skating on.

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