[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon

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And Byzantine eunuchs, like celibate priests, have nephews.
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A few stray thoughts - this is very much about family.

Penric adores his family, he's so happy, a wife, a child, a baby on
 the way - treasures he never thought to have. But it hurts so
much to leave them when duty calls.

And it also makes you vulnerable. Nikys and Idrene are hostages
to ensure that Adelis doesn't act against Orbas. Kittio is the
handle Methani and Tronio used to control Alixtra.

Iroki has parents, but no wife or children, making him free and

So... good and bad, worth it or not? Risk and reward. Thasalon
castrates many of the public servants and high officials, to
try to avoid corruption and family networks (Of course it doesn't
happen. Humans will beat any system.) Give up your chance of
a family of your own, to get high status and luxurious living.

Loving, losing, not having, worrying about, enjoying... we see it
all from so many different angles.

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