[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon

Katherine (Kathy) Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Wed Jul 28 19:59:49 BST 2021

On Jul 28, 2021, at 2:08 PM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Penric adores his family, he's so happy, a wife, a child, a baby on
> the way - treasures he never thought to have. But it hurts so
> much to leave them when duty calls.
> And it also makes you vulnerable. Nikys and Idrene are hostages
> to ensure that Adelis doesn't act against Orbas. Kittio is the
> handle Methani and Tronio used to control Alixtra.

Yeah, children are hostages to fortune (I see the origin of that sentiment is attributed to Francis Bacon).  Really, anything you love is a hostage to fortune, but children likely most of all.  Paradoxically, when a graduate school friend lost her oldest child at age three, she said that the idea of children being hostages to fortune was one of the few slightly helpful thoughts.

> So... good and bad, worth it or not? Risk and reward. ...
> Loving, losing, not having, worrying about, enjoying... we see it
> all from so many different angles.

In a slightly less acute way, we experience this with our pets.  It hurts a lot to lose them — our old golden retriever died two years ago, and our 18-year-old cat this spring — but we must deem the game worth the candle, because we keep getting new pets — golden retriever puppy this spring, probable kittens at some time in the future.


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