[LMB] Shedding demon chaos

Douglas Weinfield douglasw at his.com
Wed Jul 28 21:36:31 BST 2021

Some speculations:

If you kill a living being, you're killing all its cells--so you're dumping a lot of chaos, because you're disrupting a lot of order. Arguably human (or maybe cetacean) brains are a very high degree of order, so disrupting them sheds a LOT of chaos. But this is different from what the Bastard thinks about it; it may simply be "Killing humans BAD!"
If you light a candle, you're disrupting a tiny bit of wax and wick, after which the flame is self-sustaining.
If you disrupt a mountainside and send a lot of rocks tumbling, that's a lot of chaos because the physical magnitude is so large.

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