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Coming up with kennings in old Norse poetry was an art-form in itself.  You
could have kennings within kennings within kennings, and a true
connoisseur would know what you meant.  Asking what it meant would mark the
asker as an ignorant newb.

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> > The kennings we learned in Freshman English, when we did Beowulf, were
> > "whale road" (choppy seas) and "swan road" (smooth seas).
> Oh, I remember a bunch of those! It was a great class.
> The winter wind was the "wolf wind"
> Grendal's cave was "fen-retreat"
> Grendal was "the walker alone"
> His claws were "hand-spurs" and his joints were "bone-locks"
> The town was "the hoard-city of heroes"
> The sun was the "world candle"
> Chainmaille was "armor-net"
> BJ
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