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I think utopia is a subjective term. In Catholic sunday school (thankfully
extremely brief in my case) utopia was winding hills with temples to God
and church elders with their croziers leading us like sheep to God's good
graces. Unfortunately for my salvation I was a bad, bad  sheep, and kept
bringing up Zinjanthropus, AKA Paranthropus Boisei. And asking if they were
in heaven  Apparently evolution was frowned on.
The fact of the matter is utopia for me is a world without worries, a world
without anxiety and a world with hope. That's all.

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> > Other problems include happiness depending on other people, yet it's not
> >
> > utopian to require that other people work to make you happy. And that
> >
> > "no one has to work for a living" feels like an obvious utopian move,
> >
> > but then conflicts with "well, what's the point of life, what do people
> >
> > do that doesn't feel shallow?"
> Any Trekkie knows that one.  "We no longer work for wealth, we work to
> improve ourselves and society," said Captain Picard.  But if you prefer
> real life examples to SF, note that up till the last century most of the
> great works of science, not to mention most political and social reforms
> and a lot of great art, came from aristocrats who didn't have to work for a
> living.
> The idea that without the discipline of wage slavery we'd all turn into
> trailer trash layabouts is a driving myth of capitalism.
> Peter Hews
> Oh better far to live and die under the brave black flag I fly,
> Than play a sanctimonious part with a pirate head and a pirate heart.
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