[LMB] OT: Vegans, was Religion question

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 29 17:51:38 BST 2021

WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> The major issue I have with some (please note that this is not all
> inclusive) vegans

Make that: "a small minority of".

> is not that the number of domestic animals would decline (though
> it would even if they allowed for animals to be pets) or the extreme
> terrorists (a very small number though they can be deadly) but the smug
> moral superiority that I have run into and the idea that anyone who
> isn?t vegan should include a full meal for them with nothing that would
> stress their sensibilities.

If I'm a guest in someone's home, I try to be gracious about it.
I *do* point out, in advance, that I'm vegetarian, and try to make
sure that -- for example -- food that's prepared specially for me
isn't cross-contaminated.  I offer to help.  Because it's really
frustrating to be offered something that's been prepared "specially
for me" but is a thing I can't eat.  When I'm discussing the matter, an
entry point is that I have an anaphylactic allergy and another class of
dietary intolerance.  If I'm stuck, I eat what I can, leave early, and
get some real food when I get home.  And of course, any time I invite
someone to *my* home to eat, I try to find out what (if any) dietary
restrictions they may have.

When I've prepared banquets for SCA crowds, I make a point of covering
any dietary restrictions I'm informed about in advance.  I think that
I've helped to advance that "cause" in my local area.  With advance
notice, it's generally not a big deal to set aside portions of dishes so
they don't get the same sauce as the rest, for example, or to come up
with alternate items.  Avoiding cross-contamination between items is a
basic factor in group cooking.

If it's a matter of going out to a restaurant... if people want me to
join them, yes, I insist that it be someplace where I can get a decent
meal.  Otherwise I simply don't join the group, sorry, maybe next time.
Because it's really frustrating to be stuck eating a green salad and
dinner rolls while everyone around me is getting a solid meal.  The only
exceptions I'll make on this are when it's *really* important that I
be present, but I have no say in the choice of venue.  There aren't a
lot of restaurants where I can't cobble together a decent meal -- say,
a couple of appetizers including cheese, or a pasta dish -- apart from
places that specialize in something like steak or seafood, and don't
handle anything else.

There have been a couple of occasions when fellow diners have been
*really* rude about my choice of diet, such as waving their plates
of meat right in my face and making "moo" noises.  I don't eat with
them any more, full stop.  If something like that happens again, I'm
moderately committed to "sneezing" or "coughing" into the plate.


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