[LMB] Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 10

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> Oh, and Alixtra can see ghosts now. Pen is pleased at her progress. Alixtra
> isn't so sure, "If this is a god-gift... it's rather appalling."
> "So many are," Pen agreed cheerily.
> You know, it's a mystery why more people haven't tried to thump Pen. He
> has a habit of being cheery at the worst moments.
> They discuss ghosts - what a comfortable topic. They're never far from the
> subject of death, are they. Does Iroki see ghosts all the time?  Because
> Chio said she only saw them when the god was touching her, or very near.
> Iroki can always see them faintly, better when the god is in him. So is the
> god always near Iroki? And is that a comfortable thought?
> While reading this it occurred to me that the discussion of ghosts is Lois
showing the gun on the mantle in advance of the ghost and its being seen by
a pair of sorcerers in a future chapter.

David Bowen

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