[LMB] Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 10

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yeds .. that chapter had a few nice quotes / scenes ..

On 29.07.2021 17:38, Gwynne Powell wrote:

> Oh, and Alixtra can see ghosts now. Pen is pleased at her progress. Alixtra
> isn't so sure, "If this is a god-gift... it's rather appalling."
> "So many are," Pen agreed cheerily.

VERY Penric

> And then; Pen tells Alixtra that spirit-sight, or dark-sight, is how demons
> see all the time, unless using the sorcerer's own eyes for perception. They
> choose to share their Sight with the sorcerer, as a gift. A privilege. If it's
> overwhelming to her, it could be to her demon as well. So... be... kind.
> The way you'd treat a pet, at least. But if you want to have joy in having
> a demon, you have to give it first. Alixtra has certainly never thought of
> that before.
> I did not say that well, Pen fretted.
> No, said Des thoughtfully as they turned away, but you said it true. Which
> is better, and more rare.

and VERY Desdemona .. 8)

> Another problem; anyone with Sight - Temple sorcerer, hedge
> sorcerer, saint or petty saint - will know what they are. In rural
> areas, not too risky, there aren't that many Sighted ones around.
> But in the capital? Not easy to disguise themselves, especially Iroki.´

yes - they just might wear floureszent clothes and blue blinking hazard 
lights on their heads .. would make little difference



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