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 Not exactly about Utopias as such, but this reminds me of a story whose name and author I can never remember for long -- even though it made a huge impression on me. It involved a man with a wife and kids, a less than glamorous job, a pleasant and (probably) modest home, who frequently thought about what it would be like to be able to inhabit the world of his dreams. Then he hears about some fellow who claims he can send people to visit and/or live in their dream worlds. POSSIBLY PREDICTABLE SPOILER:>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>And then he wakes up from that visit, namely the life already described; asks to be notified if the process ever becomes permanent; hands over his precious payment of a sausage (and maybe some wire?); and goes out into the post-apocalyptic hellscape that is his actual life.
A somewhat similar take on things, heard much later: the song "Just Another Day In Paradise."
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I do not think Utopia is depending on agreeing. Now recognizing it, that is another matter :-)


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