[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 11

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Finally  they've arrived!  Not completely at Thasalon, but close enough.
The Xarre mansion was once a country estate, now it's in the suburbs.
Penric's explained about Tanar and Adelis. Oh good, one more thing to
torment poor Alixtra. That girl has ENDURANCE tattooed on her soul.

He tells the porter the book story, but sends a letter to Bosha that explains
everything. It says.... 'Penric'. Not sure, actually, if that's an explanation or
a warning.

Bosha conceals his delight at seeing Penric again. "Oh."  But he lets them
in. We get more backstory and infodump as we meet these characters,
because they're going to be important.

They meet Tanar. There's introductions - oh, yeah, um... I have a student
sorceress and a saint. Just the usual, you know. (Even Bosha is impressed,
so you know it's big bikkies.)

They offer Iroki... everything. Anything. Whatever he wants. He's just
himself as usual, "My, what a nice room." (Placid. Is placid the right term
for him? You're never really sure how much is the god, how much is
some sort of Buddhist-style serenity, and how much is just a village guy
who sees all this as a rather interesting show. But not quite as good as

They do the family catchup thing. Pen tells Tanar that their second child
is on the way. She didn't know about the first. Adelis really isn't much of
a correspondent. Hopefully from now on Tanar will keep the letters going
between the families. (Or Bosha? Umm... probably no.)

Pen gets all the rumours that are spreading, to see if there's a hint that
the truth has leaked out. Probably not. Then he catches them up to date.

Tanar thanks Des for saving Adelis. Des approves of her, she 'might yet do
for Adelis.'

Pen lets them know that Alixtra took the shot at Adelis - but also why, and
the danger to her son. That works well; Bosha is NOT happy at the the
thought of a child being treated... the way he was. They've got a sympathy
vote there.

Iroki speaks!  He explains the scene in the dungeon, the wroth god who
actually spoke this time, clearly, instead of his usual vague hints. And he's
wroth - Iroki loves that word - with Methani and Tronio. But not Alixtra.

Penric isn't sure whether the god is answering their prayers, or they are
answering his. But he was very clear about what they have to do.

Not a lot of detail on how. Unfortunately.

Short break to settle in. Pen gives Alixtra the room without the balcony.
She's so close to Kittio now, she must be nearly frantic to get to him.

They get a visit to the mansion's baths, which are AWESOME! Beautiful
tilework of waves and sea creatures, elegant and lovely. (Although
apparently only cold showers. But it's a hot country,) The baths sound
a bit Turkish to me, probably the tiles.

Bosha is slightly cheesed off that they brought an assassin in, without
warning. (The assassin? Or the lack of warning? And it didn't bother
Tanar. It just made her a bit thoughtful. Red flag there.)

Tanar's been busy learning to run the business. Very hands-on. She's
done a few short sea trips - it's a pity she didn't get to Orbas.

It's going to be a bit awkward - the Bosha - Tanar - Adelis thing. But
Adelis's family background might help him there. (Ohhhh wouldn't
it be fun to see Adelis flatten Bosha, just once. Ok, bad thought. But...)

They'll stick to the book dealer story for the servants. Iroki is still being
placid (I like that word.) '...he in a sense outranked not only everyone
at the table, but everyone in the imperial city.' Yes, saints are BIG
bikkies. But he acts like a village fisherman, and he's just so easy to
be around.

They update Lady Xarre. They need a better plan than Penric's 'just
rock up to the door with some old books'.

Alixtra is desperate to get to Kittio - they could be cutting and selling
him at any moment. She makes the mistake of telling Bosha that it
might not seem so important to him. Bosha tells her what happened
to him. It's a horrible tale, and the pain and anger are still there. He's
made a good life, but ... not the one he wanted.

Bosha and Tanar love each other. That's obvious. And complicated.
She also wants to marry Adelis. Well, they're all sensible people, they
will find a way to work it out.

Finally they all get to bed, to hopefully dream up a better plan.

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