[LMB] Thasalon

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 31 15:30:03 BST 2021

Thasalon... the city... it's beautiful. Huge and wealthy and
bustling with life, with a dozen different cultures, with
temples and learning and trade and ... it would be a
fascinating place. Actually, Penric would love it there.

Except for Methani and  the homicidal, vicious way the
government works, at least Methani's bit. If they could fix
that, it'd be a glorious place.

Now that Adelis is coming home, and marrying Tanar,
would Nikys and Idrene consider going back to Cedonia?
Idrene's other son is there. Plus, now, Adelis and whatever
family he has with Tanar.

But Penric has so many people he cares about in Vilnoc, too.
Dubro, Lencia and Seuka, people at the temple, Alixtra will
be there... it'd be a wrench to leave.

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