[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon - Chapter 12

Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Sat Jul 31 19:24:48 BST 2021

this is one of the cases where a means of magical distance 
communications would have been very useful ..

if only to send a abort signal to bosha



Am 31.07.2021 um 16:24 schrieb Gwynne Powell:
> After all that travel, and travel, things speed up. A lot happens in this chapter.
> Lady Xarre came up with a better plan than 'Um, we'll sell them some
> books... or break in at night.... '
> So two days later (interminable days, for poor Alixtra), they head off
> to a party. At Methani's palace. (It's to kick off the celebrations leading
> up to Bastard's Day. A good omen?) Alixtra and Iroki are dolled up as a
> visiting noble couple (can you pick social class, or place of origin, from
> their accents in that world? They'll have to keep quiet.) Penric is
> cunningly disguised as a Weald sorcerer. (At least HIS real accent will
> be ok. Ironically, he's probably the only one who can do any other
> accent.) Tanar is looking lovely and delicate. Bosha is armed for a
> small military campaign. As usual.
> The plan: Penric, a 'visiting Wealdean sorcerer' will get Tronio alone
> and Iroki will rip the demon out.
> What could possibly go wrong?
> Thasalon proper is a walled city, and there's no horses inside the
> walls - a really good idea, actually. No big carriages, so a bit less
> congestion. And horse by-products, too. You walk, or use sedan
> chairs or rickshaws (the Uber of that time.) Being posh, the Xarres
> have their own rickshaws, and runners, with tabards and all. Classy.
> Thasalon is HUGE, and rich. Massive palaces, just for run-of-the-
> mill nobles. Massiver for the important ones. Rich people wandering
> around have glass lanterns carried by link-boys, poorer people
> hold stiffened cloth lanterns on sticks, very poor just stumble around
> in second-hand glow. There's always a hierarchy. (And one good
> thing about rich people - they employ a heck of a lot of poor people.
> It takes huge numbers of servants to suitably maintain one rich family.)
> And it's hugely varied: 'Pen caught scraps of conversation in six
> different languages atop the Cedonian, two of which he did not
> speak and one of which he didn't even recognise.'  (I'm sure he
> took notes for future research, and that Des gave a resigned sigh.)
> The description of their trip through the city is almost lyrical.
> (If Cedonia didn't have Methani poisoning the place, it'd be absolutely
> fascinating to visit there for a while. Unfortunately Penric's view of
> the place, and ours, is slightly skewed by the way they keep trying
> to kill him.)
> They've arrived at the tail-end of arrivals, crossing over with the
> early leavers, so it's all bustle around them. Tanar and her 'country
> visitors' are welcomed, with a bit of surprise. (And in this company
> Bosha is well-known and accepted, a reminder that he's actually
> of fairly high social status too.)
> They split up, Bosh and Alixtra going off for Kittio-retrieval.
> FINALLY that poor woman gets to rescue her child. Pen starts
> to search for Tronio. He finds another sorcerer, with a young
> demon.(How different things would have been if Penric had
> inherited a young demon, instead of Des.) They wander and
> search, then Lord Bordane pounces on Tanar. Careful introductions,
> the she shoves them into the next courtyard and stays with
> Bordane, to head off any suspicion. (Bosha would NOT be
> pleased. But Tanar's a big girl, she'll cope.)
> They run across the young sorcerer, who's in awe of Des
> and full of questions. Fortunately Penric  is convincing as
> a Wealdean sorcerer because he IS a Wealdean sorcerer.
> Tronio was around earlier, but seems to be gone. They peel off
> the young sorcerer and keep searching. They should get
> back to Tanar, but end up wandering around in the cellars
> (does anyone feel a teeny godly nudge here, to get them
> lost so far from the public part of the palace?)
> Dammit, once Kittio is rescued it's going to tip off Methani
> and Tronio. But there was no way they could delay his
> rescue any longer.
> ....and then they meet the ghost. Very recent, and sundered.
> And REALLY not happy about either. Richly dressed, male, about
> sixty. Frantic, enraged. Penric, the expert in this (and isn't
> that a comment on his life and experiences) thinks he's a
> very recent murder victim. Some murder victims take a while
> to go to their god, due to shock and anger. Penric's helped
> a few souls through the gate, when they were a bit lost.
> Iroki prays to help the poor murdered lost soul. Uh... oops,
> this one is sundered. Not because the soul won't go. The god
> won't have him. And Iroki can't feel any of the others reaching
> out. Sundered by the gods. Has to be someone '...heroically
> bad...' for that. They start to wonder, uneasily, about Methani.
> Penric has a good idea; let's grab Tanar and get out. Fast.
> The sundered ghost follows them.
> They found Tanar chatting with another woman. The ghost
> is going crazy now, but she can't see it. They pretend they
> can't either.
> They get to their rickshaws. Bosha brought Alixtra and a boy
> home, but went back inside. Dammit. Pen sends Tanar off with
> Iroki, then, dammit dammit dammit, goes back to find Bosha.

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