[LMB] OT: software-as-a-service, was can't skip to the end of an ebook?

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Wed Jun 2 07:06:09 BST 2021

At 05:29 AM 5/30/2021 Harvey Fishman wrote:
>It is not as all that. First, Microsoft 365 is available for 
>$95.00 US on a yearly basis. Second, once you install it, it is 
>yours. The yearly charge is only for updates.

No, this is not the case. You appear to be confusing MS Office 
with MS Office 365. MS Office is a product that you buy and then 
it is yours. Office 365 is sold on a subscription basis. You pay 
for it either monthly or annually and it always stays current 
but when you stop paying, you can no longer use it.

>Thirdly, there are LOTS of free clones to Microsoft Office; why 
>don't you try one of those?

Unfortunately the other programs don't always work the same way 
and that can cause big compatibility problems. If you just want 
an office package for yourself, the free programs can be a very 
good choice, but if you're exchanging files with MS Office 
users, they may not do the job as desired.

At 05:54 AM 5/31/2021 Harvey Fishman wrote:

>Yes, BUT Office (one time purchase) does not contain all the 
>apps that you get with Microsoft 365. Office does not include 
>Access, nor OneNote, OutLook, and Publisher. You get Windows, 
>Excel, and PowerPoint. I use Access a lot. If you use only 
>Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and the annual cost really bothers 
>you, then Office may pay. But not for me.

You're describing the Home and Student version of Office, which 
is the least expensive one. If you want other programs, you need 
to buy the version that contains the programs you want. This is 
true for Office 365 as well. Both come in different flavors and 
you need to buy the flavor you want.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm

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