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>Here in rehab, I've kept from going crazy with reading on my iPad, and the purchase of a few paper books.
>Lately, I've been wishing to reread Doris Eagan's Ivory books, and Tepper's True Game books and the Marianne trilogy.  None are available as ebooks, as far as I can tell, and my paper copies are in storage, impossible to get to at the moment.
>Since, I can't get to them, I'll have to wait awhile longer to read them.
>Anyone else have the same problem?  There's a book you want on your reader, but it's not available. What books are you wishing fore?
I am wishing for _The Power Broker_ by Robert Caro. The story of Robert 
Moses. I have it in hard-cover and an audio book, but Knopf has never 
allowed it to be issued as an ebook.


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