[LMB] An option for getting ebooks not otherwise available

Susan Priest spriest611 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 3 21:44:49 BST 2021

I rise from lurkerdom to offer my experiences with getting digitized
versions of books which were not available at all in e format. I used a
company called 1dollarscan. They operate by having customers ship them a
copy of the book to be digitized. They remove the spine and scan, thus
preserving the idea that one has only one copy.
The one dollar is misleading. They consider every 100 pages or portion of
100 pages to be a separate book. Therefore a book with 250 pages will be
counted as three books. There are other fees for cleaning up a scan, and a
$5 per book charge if they convert the pdf to a mobi file. Whatever
software they use is much better than Calibre at doing that conversion.
They offer a plan where for $15 a month they will do 1000 pages. This plan
can be cancelled at any time. This worked out for me as 4 small books or
three longer ones. I ended up paying between 10 and 15 dollars per title,
but this was for books not available in digital format anywhere I could
find. This may not be for everyone, but my experience with this small
family company in San Jose CA was very positive.
I am not connected in any way with this firm and will receive nothing for
mentioning them.
Susan Priest
Washington Pennsylvania

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