[LMB] Happy Birthday, Heather Ridolfi!

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Sat Jun 5 13:10:43 BST 2021

For your special day, you're going to the Dendarii Mountains.  As you fly over the Gorge at sunrise, you savor the colors lighting up the walls and glinting off the top.  Upon request, you may view these colors from unique perspectives and at very unique speeds, but that's up to you.  You're flown over the new plantings, and your guide is very eager to brag about their progress.  After some careful circling around, you'll also hear some bragging about progress at Vorkosigan Vashnoi; the land is really healing at last.

Then comes your tour of various of Mark's manufactories.  Although he's also made major progress, his ebullience [and especially that frozen sort of grimace] are still kind of terrifying, but Kareen tones him right down.  They're both very proud of the good things happening in and for the district.  You get to hear all about those over a working lunch that includes Tsipis, beaming with almost paternal pride.  It's very satisfying for him to see the district come alive, and if it feels a bit much at one time, well, that's Vorkosigans for you.  The conversation is fascinating, and the food excellent, including many things that are not of butterbug origin.

To get to your tour of the Raina Csurik school, either horse or lightflyer are available.  The work Harra and her colleagues have done is really impressive, and she's justifiably proud of all they've accomplished.  The tour is brief and informal, however, as the older class is going with you through some of the local cave system.  A very *brief* tour, you're assured.  It's a small group, and your guide [none other than Harra and Lem's oldest!] is both informative and entertaining.  The cave is cool enough so the light oversuit you're given is comfortable for you.  There are timely warnings of low overhangs and slippery turns or steep corners.  It's a good workout, with bending, twisting, climbing and descending at silly angles.  The cave is alive, wet and slippery, with hairpin turns from small tunnels to huge, echoing caverns.  Your lights bring out the most phantasmagoric colors and formations.  They told you it was only an hour or so, but seemed much longer, in the dark.  Although you'd wondered at the time, the mud you find on the oversuit upon emerging makes you grateful for it.  Still, it was a fun trip, sharing the underground wonders.

In the afternoon, you and any company you'd like relax in hot springs so hidden, they never made it into any of the books.  Over a convivial evening with neighbors and new friends, you enjoy maple mead in your preferred form[s].  Are the fireworks external, or internal?  You're not telling.

Have a fun day!


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