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 Miles and Ivan both would have needed a special dispensation based on the time they missed at the Academy. Miles for a late admission, Ivan to excuse the time away on the 'special mission'.
Aral, Simon, and Gregor combined to stare down the clerk who needed the forms signed. Cordelia sighed, "'Bureaucrats!"
I wonder who Miles paired with at the Academy?
(Most of the paperwork for miles' admission had been done, he is a guaranteed admission bar the physical exam. His broken legs should NOT have been a barrier; I expect several other Plebes were injured during the PT test (someone else probably falls off a climbing wall, or comes down with sunstroke during the run every year....)
(Who has just released a new chapter in his story 'To Dance with a Girl' on AO3! Whee!!)

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Following up some discussion at the Tea Party, I checked how long Miles was
away playing with the Dendarii, and what time he'd have to make up with
 his late enrolment at the Academy - because we know that he must have
joined Ivan's year at the Academy rather than wait for the next one, even
though Ivan is half-way through his first year.

Found a bit of textev....

..."Only two breaks in three years," Ivan rambled on between bites.

So the academic year for cadets is pretty long, there's no lovely lazy summer
holidays, by the sound of it.

..."You haven't failed me," Miles's conscience jerked the words from his mouth. "Uh . . . But of course, you've only served me for four months, now. Really a very short time, although I know it seems much longer, so much has happened .. ."

This was when Baz asked for permission to marry Elena. It was towards the very
end of Miles's time with the Fleet. Add in six weeks round trip from Barrayar to Beta,
and a few weeks more to sort out the fleet and get back to Beta, and Miles has
missed maybe six months of First Year.
....Since when do they pull first-year cadets out of class and send them on Security missions?"
 ......."Look, when a General Staff Admiral calls a cadet in the middle of the night and says go, you go. You don't stop to debate with him. He wouldn't appreciate it."

This would indicate that Ivan was definitely still at the Academy, not on end-of-year
holidays, and lessons were going on at that time - so First Year definitely wasn't over
at that time.

So when they put Miles into the Academy as part of his punishment for
accidental treason, he has to go into First Year - otherwise he'd have to
wait six months for the next year's intake - and nobody wants Miles bored
and looking for distraction for six months. It also means that Miles will have
to work twice as fast as everyone else, but often First Year is pretty basic  -
he probably knows most of the work anyway. He's had hands-on experience
with a lot of the things they'll be teaching. And it'll bleed off a bit more of
his energy, which is never a bad thing.

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