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 > So when they put Miles into the Academy as part of his punishment for
 > accidental treason, he has to go into First Year... often First Year 
 > is pretty basic  - he probably knows most of the work anyway.

Miles applied (and failed the obstacle course) side by side with
an applicant Kostolitz. Miles and applicant/cadet Kostolitz are
once again side by side during the _tWA_ after-chapter training
exercise with the gas leak. (Miles rescues everybody
using his seal dagger knife, rubber tubing, and an air bottle.)
Ivan was referred to, but remained unseen, in the same exercise;
having earned a bunch of (unwanted) arm ribbons denoting his

Unless we assume Kostolitz was held back or re-cycled through
this particular training exercise  (possible)  we infer that
both Miles AND Ivan accelerated through course work to catch
up with their peers.

So, how?  Was a bunch of the material history or military
tactics that the boys had learned via stories from Piotr and
Aral?  Were both so well home-schooled in math or science
that university level course work was a repeat? Is much of
the material memorizing the names and ranks of the chain
of command -- which both merely have to translate? (Uncle this is
Admiral and Cousin that is General and Da's old shipmate Thus-and-So...
is at home fleet and ...)

Wait,  I got it.  A WHOLE BUNCH of hours at the academy at
devoted to martial arts / judo training.  We see Duv and
Vorlynkin and other Barrayaran "desk jockeys" demonstrate
surprising (to their adversaries) hand-to-hand combat skills
at various times. But Gregor, Miles, Ivan (and Elena and
the all-girrrl commando squad Team Koudelka) had been
working on those skills under the tutelege of Aral, Bothari,
and Drou since toddler-hood.  Every hour the Kostolitz-es of
First year spend as white/yellow belts drilling on katas
can be diverted for Ivan and Miles back into other, book based,
course work.

I'm open to alternative ideas.  But of these, I think
the judo idea is my favorite and Kostolitz re-cycling is
my second favorite.

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