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Mon Jun 7 00:33:42 BST 2021

Sharon shows me the way:

> Elizabeth, everywhere in Australia is north of Hobart,

Point. But if I look at the map it's the next thing almost-directly-north
of Hobart.

> but the first one you would come to is Melbourne, then you’d have to
drive for several
> hours west to reach Adelaide (Adelaide was the wife of King William IV,
in case anyone was
> wondering). A couple of days driving west of that you reach Perth.

I don't drive, so in the scenario of my dreams I'd have a congenial travel
companion to drive me. (And there would be no COVID and I'd have plenty of

> Instead of turning left at Melbourne if you head north for a few hours
you’d reach
> Canberra, then NE for another couple of hours is Sydney, and north of
that you’d make
> Brisbane.

The east coast path of cities is the easiest to remember. No, second
easiest. Alice Springs is easiest.

> It’s 4-5 hours in an aeroplane from Perth to Brisbane. Australia is
roughly as big
> as the continental US.

It's 3,600 km according to Google. From one end of Canada to the other
(measuring from Saint John's NF to Victoria BC) is 7,172 km. I've been the
distance, more or less, but the bit to Newfoundland was by plane not car,
and I went to Gander, not St. John's. I've been from Ottawa to Halifax by
car, though, and from Ottawa to Vancouver, so if you put the two trips

Though frankly I'd rather fly. Or go by boat, but I gather that isn't
feasible. I just read a book about a Canadian family who sailed along the
north coast of Australia. Looked really cool to me. (Except for the parts
about the life-threatening storms. GIves me pause. I'd love to sail, but I
wouldn't so much love to die doing it.)

> Here endeth the Geography lesson…

I love geography lessons. Maps are one of my loves. Google maps is my


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