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Unless we assume Kostolitz was held back or re-cycled through 
this particular training exercise  (possible)  we infer that 
both Miles AND Ivan accelerated through course work to catch 
up with their peers. 
So, how?  Was a bunch of the material history or military 
tactics that the boys had learned via stories from Piotr and 
Aral?  Were both so well home-schooled in math or science 
that university level course work was a repeat? Is much of 
the material memorizing the names and ranks of the chain 
of command -- which both merely have to translate? (Uncle this is 
Admiral and Cousin that is General and Da's old shipmate Thus-and-So... 
is at home fleet and ...) 

Beatrice Otter:

Well, remember that Miles' original accommodation was to get his classroom test scores and his fitness test scores averaged, because his classroom scores were so amazing that no matter how badly he scored on the fitness tests (as long as he completed them) he would be within the acceptable range. That, to me, says he had to know the material backwards and forwards, and quite possibly had studied ahead so that he could answer any bonus questions or whatnot. Which means he at least had a solid start already, and a good enough foundation to make things easier to catch up. Ivan didn't, but Ivan has a near-perfect memory and less to make up.

Also, from what we see, a lot of it isn't "here are the skills and information you need to learn, then we test you on them." It's, "here's a scenario to solve, let's see how you do." And while a certain amount of knowledge is necessary for those types of simulations, in many ways a quick thinker with a good breadth of knowledge will do at least as well as someone who's a slower thinker but knows the specific procedure for that scenario.

Beatrice Otter

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