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Mon Jun 7 17:04:25 BST 2021

Beatrice Otter:

With both PTSD and addiction, we can't "cure" it--but we can manage both conditions, and in the case of PTSD, reduce the symptoms. And while we can't do much (yet) to reduce the body's dependence on most drugs, we can (in many people) reduce the dependence on opioids and/or alcohol using naltrexone--and that method isn't new, it's been around since the 90s.

Furthermore, we know enough about both PTSD and addiction to be able to take actions that reduce them, although especially in the case of addiction this doesn't mean we'll actually *do* that because in a lot of cases it contradicts cultural narratives.

Western culture tends to treat health (both physical and mental) as if there are only two poles to the binary: either you are healthy or not. And if you get sick/hurt, either you can be cured or not. But that doesn't actually reflect the reality of either mental or physical health very well. We can't cure diabetes! ... but we can manage it so it's not much of a problem for most people who have it. And that's true for a ton of health problems (both physical and mental). In so many cases (including addiction and PTSD), focusing on "can we cure it?" is unhelpful and likely to prevent us from seeing the things that can be done to manage/reduce the condition.

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One thing I beg to differ on, William. We can't "cure" PTSD, in that we
can't edit memories, but there are several techniques that can help a lot.
I think the biggest problem with curing PTSD is a lack of trained resources.

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> In RL, we can’t even cure addictions or PTSD. W

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