[LMB] ListBiz: How is everyone doing?

Jane Starr jane at starchak.ca
Mon Jun 7 23:19:22 BST 2021

I am also fully vaccinated, although it will be another 10 days before I
have developed full immunity. My first dose was AstraZeneca and second was
Pfizer. No reactions to either. Restrictions have lightened a bit as of June
1 (again - hoping the rollercoaster of "open up" followed by "new wave of
cases" followed by "tougher restrictions" is broken by the number of people
who have been vaccinated (provincially, about 67% have at least one dose,
15% have two doses) and I think the next stage of reopening will start June
10 unless there's a serious uptick in cases. Full re-opening probably won't
happen until early July but perish forbid the Calgary Stampede should be
cancelled again, so I'm sure it WILL happen by then. Jane in Edmonton >
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