[LMB] ListBiz: How is everyone doing?

Fred fred.fredex at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 13:35:31 BST 2021

my wife and I had Pfizer starting in late Jan, with second shot 3 weeks

I had only a sore arm for both shots, gone in a day.

my wife had sore arm for first one, and after 2nd shot, the following day
with low grade fever and felt like c**p, again, gone by next day.

Our son, OTOH, had temp over 101 (f) beginning late in the day of the shot
and the next day.

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 8:13 AM Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net> wrote:

> > On Jun 8, 2021, at 12:00 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> >
> > Related to the vaccination question: How strong was your reaction to
> > the shot?
> I had no noticeable reaction to my shots.
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