[LMB] Professionals...

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 8 15:06:40 BST 2021

I was reading something today and came across that old quote
(I've seen it in a few forms): "Amateurs worry about strategy,
professionals worry about logistics."

And of course I thought of Miles. And Lois, too. Because very little
of the sf I've read looks at mercenary fleets the way we see them
in the saga.

>From TWA: '...The actual ownership of those millions of Betan dollars worth of capital equipment out there was a matter of amazing complexity. It had taken four solid days of negotiations to work out the "details" he had so casually waved his hand over in the docking bay. There were eight independent captain-owners, in addition to Oser's personal possession of eight ships. Almost all had creditors. At least ten percent of "his" fleet turned out to be owned by the First Bank of Jackson's Whole...'

In BiA we see the chief fleet accountant, knee deep in holding things together.

Very few space sagas (or any kind of derring-do novels) worry about the
underpinnings of it all.  But we see Miles worrying about ship ownership,
paying the bills, doing all the paperwork, etc. I mean, how many times to
we read about accountants on board a pirate ship?

I'm sure that some do, but not many. Miles isn't an amateur. He's very
professional about his fleet; it's not all about the fun moments when he's
shooting at people, it's also about the long dreary times when he's filling in
forms and ordering his troop of attack accountants around.

Lois always shows us the work involved in those wild moments of success.

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