[LMB] ListBiz: How is everyone doing?

Katherine (Kathy) Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Tue Jun 8 15:50:05 BST 2021

On Jun 8, 2021, at 8:35 AM, Fred <fred.fredex at gmail.com> wrote:
> my wife and I had Pfizer starting in late Jan, with second shot 3 weeks
> later.
> I had only a sore arm for both shots, gone in a day.
> my wife had sore arm for first one, and after 2nd shot, the following day
> with low grade fever and felt like c**p, again, gone by next day.

Same, Pfizer, late January, early February, and my reaction sounds like yours (sore arm only) and my husband’s like your wife’s.  Though two weeks later I was very tired for several days, which I didn’t think at the time was related, but from what I’ve heard since might well have been.

In upstate NY, if we’re vaccinated we don’t wear masks outdoors any more (unless in a crowd), nor indoors with other people we know are vaccinated.  I do wear a mask indoors in shops (still required by most) and other places where I don’t know who’s vaccinated and who’s not.  I’m fairly relaxed about it most of the time, but more careful for two weeks before going to visit my unvaccinated grandchildren.  

We continue to wrestle with guidelines for our church (I’m junior warden currently, basically vice chair of the vestry) — but fortunately as an Episcopal church we are obliged to do what our bishop (well, the diocesan COVID task force) says, so we don’t have to make the tough decisions ourselves (though we have a Regathering Committee to work out how to apply the guidelines to our own parish).  The dilemma is how to reconcile “The Episcopal Church welcomes all” —  vaccinated, unvaccinated, immunocompromised, children, believers, unbelievers, etc. —  with safety for all (our diocese has had no cases of COVID traceable to a church service — largely because early last spring we went to remote, online services as much as possible).  Just in the last month we’ve started having monthly outdoor in-person services in a pavilion in the town park and at least one hybrid service — in person for some, live-streamed for others — every weekend, with the remainder of services still on zoom.  We have a maximum number of people allowed to register for the in-person services, based on size of the church building and distance required between individuals or household groups — with a few open spots for people who just show up.  Masks are required for all, but just last week the guidelines started allowing the priest and lay readers to take off their masks while reading or preaching at the pulpit or lectern.  But so far the number of people at the in-person services has been well below the allowable maximum and we still have most people attending on Zoom (in person, you can take communion but you can’t sing; at home on Zoom, you can sing (muted), but you can’t take communion).  For communion, the priest has been distributing the bread in little glassine envelopes, with no distribution of wine, but that’s changing — the diocese is inviting us to come up with creative solutions for safe distribution of wine, as long as it is all consecrated in one vessel.  (My thought is that the consecrated wine gets poured into a couple of flagons, then the lay Eucharistic ministers pour from the flagons into each person’s glass, teacup, coffee mug, wineglass, etc., for consumption. We have plenty of those in the parish hall kitchen, or people could bring their own from home).  Any other church-goers out there, have your churches come up with creative solutions?


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