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> On Jun 8, 2021, at 8:35 AM, Fred <fred.fredex at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I had only a sore arm for both shots, gone in a day.

That was pretty much my reaction to the Moderna shots, though it took a
couple of days for the soreness to go away. Before the second shot I'd
prepared for a more severe reaction, like the one my younger son had (fever
and chills), but that didn't happen. Every body's different.

Any other church-goers out there, have your churches come up with creative
> solutions?

Our church (First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe) is *just* starting to
open up / have events in person, after fourteen months of operating mostly
online. Church services have been on YouTube, classes and meetings have
been on Zoom, and there have been enough upsides to that (e.g.,
geographically distant members and friends being able to participate) that
it will probably continue to a degree.

Last Thursday we had our first in-person choir rehearsal (with masks!)
since the shutdown, and recorded the anthem for the Sunday video service
... but, in the interim, our choir director and her husband (who's our
video guru among other things) had an arrangement where individual choir
members recorded their parts of an anthem following a "click tape" (so that
everyone's tempo would match) and sent the recordings to Linda to be
combined into a single recorded anthem. Usually sounded okay (though not as
good as what we do together with a director) and more importantly kept us
engaged and in practice throughout the shutdown.

Presbyterians don't treat Communion quite the same way as Episcopalians, so
our solution was "provide your own bread and cup" at home (or wherever you
were viewing or Zooming a service) in order to participate. I have to say
that what I keep in my bread box is much tastier than the gluten-free
crackers that the church has been using for Communion in recent years. It
also intincts better when you are taking Communion by intinction!

--Margaret Dean
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