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Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Tue Jun 8 17:50:56 BST 2021

On 08/06/2021 16:36, Zan Lynx wrote:
> I think that Miles was thrown into the deep end. Most fresh Ensigns or 
> Lieutenants won't be thinking about this at all. I think that Admiral 
> Oser had hired fundamentally good people, for the most part. And there 
> was Captain Tung.
> I don't think Miles had thought about the details and organization 
> until his new Dendarii mercenaries started asking about Fleet 
> procedures, employment benefits, etc.

That ties into the earlier talk about Miles rejoining his class at the 
academy. Students at the academy would be learning about tactics (from 
small unit up), ship systems, and introductions to strategy and 
logistics. Miles learned tactics and strategy from his grandfather, and 
I bet he had ship systems theory for his bed-time reading. Practical 
education in logistics (including running a fleet, and keeping it ... 
afloat so to speak) would teach him stuff that even graduates at the 
academy would barely know - and Miles was absolutely capable of applying 
practical knowledge to theoretical questions.

Besides, given Miles' penchant for over-preparation, I wouldn't be 
surprised if he could have passed 60% of first year classes (and some of 
the second year's, too) on the day he took the entrance exam. He was 
determined to get into the academy. In fact, he was not only determined 
to get in, he was determined to excel. So he approached it as a 
campaign, and you better believe that he gathered all the prior 
knowledge that he could. And he could gather a lot.

Not only could he ask his parents for books and materials that would be 
available to academy students, (and he could ask for tutoring if 
something went over his head), he had access to recent graduates to pump 
for information.

Picture this:You are ensign so-and-so, sitting in the corridor, waiting 
for the meeting to finish so you can give the Admiral some papers to 
sign. When who should come along but the Admiral's (Regent's!) mutie 
son. He wants to know about your time at the academy. You did pretty 
well at the academy, or you wouldn't have gotten a staff assignment. 
That means you will gladly talk about it when you have an enthusiastic 

Besides, why would you want to offend the kid who so obviously worships 
your uniform and your ensign's insignia? Of course you tell him all 
about the most difficult classes, the quirks of the teachers, answer his 
questions about the more obscure points in the materials. I bet that 
when Miles entered, he knew stuff about the academy some of the less 
successful graduates never learned.

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