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Taint in the OED. ;-(


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>Gwynne: Sometimes, out of the blue, I get the urge to reread a particular
>scene in a book - usually one of Lois's.
>Sometimes it leads to a whole reread, but often it's just that scene,
>even when I know it so well I can practically recite it. I just need to
>read it again.
>But we need a word for that urge to reread a specific scene.
>John: Faviterating.
>The general activity is comfort-dipping or -browsing, but in this more
>purposeful, not to say compulsive, return to a very well-known scene, there
>is an iteration of particular favourites. One might also say touchstoning,
>but it has more dubious echoic affinities with lapidation. Thus:
>"The shock was terrible, and for weeks afterwards even my faviterating was
>out of whack, jumping randomly between Bujold, Austen, and Sir Thomas
>Browne, when in the usual course of things one or other would be dominant
>for days and weeks on end."
>Nabokov, btw, kept a list of definitions in need of headwords, one among
>them being "the act of revising one's own novels while translating them" --
>an activity Beckett also pursued with some vigour, though no coinage.
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