[LMB] Cordelia's Collegiate Sport?

Pouncer pouncer at aol.com
Wed Jun 9 02:20:15 BST 2021

I believe we have sufficient text-evd of Cordelia's
speech patterns, interior thoughts and analysis,
and objective behaviors to make a guess. Let's develop
a plausible inference regarding her participation, in
"high school" and/or "university" (Beta Colony analogs
thereof), for her sport. I have my own favorite, of course.
But I'll save it for a bit.

As I'm accustomed to do, I suggest we begin by ruling
possibilities out.  Open water long distance swimming,
on Beta Colony, is not plausible. Punting or crew ditto.
Alpine skiing is slightly more likely, but that's not to
suggest much. Dressage, barrel riding, equestrian steeplechase
and polo are out.  Cordelia has no love of or experience
with horses until Piotr invites her to escape Vordarian's
troops via equine transport. No water-skiing. No sailing or
surfing. Maybe not even archery.

Most "outdoor" sports are unlikely, I think.  Anyone making
a case for golf or softball or field hockey has to convince
me that either the game has moved indoors or that there are
pockets of better climate on Beta Colony than we are
accustomed to imagine. Football, soccer, hang-gliding, cricket,
hammer throws, javelin... the list of IMPLAUSIBLE sports
is longer than the likely ones.

Of indoor games and sports there are a lot of choices but
still many of those can be dismissed. Cordelia is not
particularly tall and so I suppose basketball is out. Volleyball
is more plausible. Who would argue for that activity? Tennis,
anyone? Handball, racketball, squash, pelota? Are the physics of
billiards or pool reflected in an aptitude for astrophysical
cartography? Ping-pong? Nine-pin or ten-pin bowling?  Anything
come to mind that can be definitely ruled out?

I'll come back another time with a sport I do see as quite
likely, but I want y'all thinking, first.

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