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On Jun 8, 2021, at 12:30 AM, Robert Woodward <Robert_A_Woodward at comcast.net> wrote:
> Years ago, somebody posted a geography question, but I never saw an answer. The question was: 
> Which of the following has the southernmost point?
> 1) Alaska (which includes the Aleutian Islands)
> 2) Labador
> 3) Nunavut
> The sneaky part was Nunavut which includes islands in Hudson Bay and James Bay. If one of those islands was south enough, Nunavut was answer. However, I couldn’t find some of the islands on a map. Otherwise, I couldn’t tell the difference between the southernmost point of Labador and the southernmost Aleutian island.

The geography question was not on this list; I have added the OT tag.

I did some checking with Google Earth and the answer is Alaska (actually Amatignak Island) at 51 degrees and 13 minutes N. Labrador (on the Gulf of St. Lawrence right by the border with Quebec) is 51 degrees and 24 minutes N. Nunavut (actually Stag Island in James Bay) is 51 degrees and 38 minutes N.

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