[LMB] Cordelia's Collegiate Sport?

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Before we limit Cordelia's indoor sports choices we should ask how advanced
are Beta Colonies ability to make huge underground spaces. I've seen indoor
climbing areas and I'm certain Beta Conly would have large waterparks fo
Kayaking and boating (keeping in mind those water parks would also act as
It's been awhile since I read the Cordelia's novels but I don't recall
acute agoraphobia as a problem for her.
Another possible activity for Batens would be spelunking as I'm sure the
planet would have a bunch of natural caves.

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> > I believe we have sufficient text-evd of Cordelia's
> > speech patterns, interior thoughts and analysis,
> > and objective behaviors to make a guess. Let's develop
> > a plausible inference regarding her participation, in
> > "high school" and/or "university" (Beta Colony analogs
> > thereof), for her sport. I have my own favorite, of course.
> > But I'll save it for a bit.
> >
> We do?
> > As I'm accustomed to do, I suggest we begin by ruling
> > possibilities out.
> <snip of outdoor sports>
> Is climbing a possibility?
> >
> > Of indoor games and sports there are a lot of choices but
> > still many of those can be dismissed. Cordelia is not
> > particularly tall and so I suppose basketball is out.
> I think basketball is entirely in. Even at the elite level, there are 170
> cm female players and I suspect that she is at least that height.
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