[LMB] Touchstoning

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 17:58:04 BST 2021

> Gwynne: But we need a word for that urge to reread a specific scene.

> John: Faviterating.
> The general activity is comfort-dipping or -browsing, but in this more
> purposeful, not to say compulsive, return to a very well-known scene,
> is an iteration of particular favourites. One might also say touchstoning,
> but it has more dubious echoic affinities with lapidation.

Elizabeth: I like touchstong better. It sounds more visceral.

John: In many ways I don't disagree, and Touchstone in *As You Like It* has
one of the great lines ("Much virtue in if.") ; but 'stoning' is at best
driving off by throwing stones, at worst (judicial) death by lapidation.
Monty Python notwithstanding, I feel something a little too visceral.

If we think the passive mood acceptable, we could indulge in some
touchstonery, though.

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